Antonella and I are both Rutgers School of Law – Camden graduates, a decade apart.  But we have similar experiences in what was once known as the murder capital of the world and an all-around dangerous place to be.  You never really felt safe off campus and walking to your car in a parking lot under the Ben Franklin bridge after a night class was like playing Russian roulette.  The cops used to flare off the roads to keep us out of North Camden.  The apartment building I lived in during 1L year was so fortified, my own father had to leave his ID at the desk to come visit.

But things change. And wow, have they changed in Camden.

This past Friday night I attended the Camden Catalyst start-up event hosted by Waterfront Ventures at the Aquarium.  It was an amazing night to be in Camden and think back on my days at Rutgers Law just over 20 years ago.  Even 5 years ago had you asked me if I would be back in Camden for an event like this one, I would have laughed.  I’m not laughing now; I’m in awe.  The transformation of this City is well underway and there’s much more to do.  Building a start-up community and bringing 12,000 plus jobs into the City will create great opportunities.

One of the best things about our practice is we can work with people we enjoy and for causes we believe in.  It’s full circle for us to be able to support and grow businesses in Camden.  Look out for all the great things coming; the rise has just begun.

Where else can you get views like this?