Expanding and Rebranding!

I am absolutely thrilled to be expanding and rebranding my firm from Marc Ian Snyderman, Esq. PC to Snyderman Law Group, PC today.  Bringing on Antonella Colella, Esq. and opening an office in Bala Cynwyd, PA to better serve my clients is a huge step for me after only a year in business.

Running your own business is a funny thing when it comes to time.

Some days feel like they are literally forever but most days are gone before you blink.  Reality is, time just keeps moving on and it goes so quickly.

I’m surprised as to how excited I was to rebrand after only a year until I started thinking about why I was so excited.  I’ve learned so much about what I want to do and where my passion lies over the past year and it comes down to wanting to support businesses in achieving their dreams, whether that be in developing an ongoing relationship or transactional-based engagements.

My new firm’s logo and colors are designed to inspire collaboration, plant and nurture growth.  Our tag line is simple:  we support, you grow.

Check us out at www.snydermanlawgroup.com.  This site will remain up and I’ll continue to write about management topics, current events and such; please keep following me here and check out our firm blog.