Never start a business just to “make money,” start a business to make a difference.

I’m humbled and excited to announce a new beginning for me.

Marc Ian Snyderman, Esq. PC is open for business!  I’ve spent the past 2 decades building my skillsets and learning how to be a better business lawyer, businessman, leader and educator.  The one thing I’ve learned is that you can never stop learning.  Every day has to be approached as an opportunity to learn and teach.

I look forward to helping solve complex business and legal problems for businesses of all sizes. I’ve worked with start-ups through large public companies.  I’ve formed companies and helped raise $450 million in bonds, shepherded growth of a government contractor and built out full-scale company infrastructure and policies and procedures. I take pride in having an innate ability and desire to learn everything I can about a business, be it the underlying technology, the purpose, the mission and most importantly the people driving success.  We are all unique and I am confident my background which ranges from law to operations will provide me the foundation and core I need to be successful.

I won’t lie that I am nervous and motivated with my new venture but I promise that I will keep learning and keep sharing; I hope you take this journey with me.

Check out my new website at,  follow me on twitter @marcsnyderman and feel free to reach out via LinkedIn