Construction/Architects & Engineers

We have extensive experience in representing our clients who are involved in construction or design contracts in the following capacity: prime contractors, subcontractors, construction observation, civil engineers and design professionals, among others.  We provide sound advice in all phases of the construction process through project delivery, including contract formation and administration, contract performance, project monitoring and close-out.

We have handled a wide range of construction-related issues including:

  • Engineering Design Claims
  • Delay Claims and Extra Work Claims
  • Payment and Performance Disputes
  • Scheduling
  • Breach of Contract
  • Extra Work Claims
  • General liability claims against designers and contractors
  • Bonding

Case Studies:

  • Represented our subcontractor client in a design/build of the cathodic protection system of a multibillion-dollar rail system. We successfully resolved numerous disputes during the course of the project related to delay claims, design issues, and scheduling problems.
  • Advised client subcontractor from the design phase through to final testing of cathodic protection system on the construction of a bridge in the Pacific Northwest.
  • Represented civil engineering client in contract with a major recreational resort in Pocono Mountains. We advised and assisted our client through the lifecycle of the project from feasibility studies, planning, design, construction observation, permit application through to assistance with municipal approvals.