Government Contracting

Whether you’re a small business or one of the multi-billion dollar defense contractor integrators, the rules are the same – and they are extensive, to say the least. Running the gamut of acronyms: FAR, DFARS, GSAR, ASM, PIA, etc…it’s too much for most of us to keep up with, especially while trying to run a business!

We have over 20 combined years of experience in the gov con world from the inside out. We understand the critical rules that affect your business and will help you evaluate your risk properly and build reasonable compliance and training programs to meet those needs.

It’s critical that you can comply with the Business Systems Rules and have a strong training program in place to ensure your team understands the complexities of the federal procurement system.

We can help.

Case Study:

Company X received an inquiry into potential out of scope work issues from a government customer legal department and a moratorium on use of a particular contract. We successfully discovered there were similar issues being looked into with other similarly situated contractors. We managed outside counsel and conducted a complete internal investigation and ran extensive e-discovery to keep costs down and developed a presentation and remedial actions to present to the Agency which caused a quick end to the moratorium and protected Company X from further inquiries.