Research and Development

Representing companies that conduct R&D requires looking at complex technical issues and gaining a complete understanding of a company’s needs.  Outside of the financial risks involved in conducting R&D, there are technical, environmental and safety concerns among others.

Here’s just some of what we’ve done in this field:

  • Been involved in every aspect of acquiring, designing, constructing and establishing a full-scale laboratory and prototype facility
  • Procured custom equipment
  • Helped design safety programs, write manuals and serve on safety committees
  • Design, manage development of and deploy software systems for data management
  • Review processes and implement comprehensive risk management tools
  • Manage patent drafting and IP protection strategies
  • Meet with congressional leadership and Department of Defense personnel to brief on R&D progress and strategize on funding options and available programs
  • Work with federal laboratories to transfer technologies and gain access to expertise and facilities

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Case Study:

For over a decade our founder has worked in R&D helping to support the construction, management and operations of a full-scale laboratory and prototyping facility in metals extraction technology.  With no prior experience in metals, he conducted extensive research in the science and technology and built out a strong understanding of the market and the technology.  This deep understanding helped drive towards a patenting strategy and eventually finding a joint venture partner to help fund and progress the technology.  He remains active in this business.