You need to live and love technology to represent tech companies.  We do.

We have designed web applications, managed agile builds, written hosting, and SaaS agreements, negotiated cloud agreements and drafted and deployed ccybersecurityprocesses to support SOC2 audits.

We’ve worked in technology insertion from soil stabilization enzymes in Eastern Europe to aqueous-based parts washers.

We’ve been to the EU to argue harmonized tariff codes and worked on complex Export Control Licenses.

Our key to success in representing technology companies?  Living it, loving it, understanding it and being able to translate it.   It’s the difference between a tech lawyer and a lawyer – having the full comprehension of the technology to be able to identify and assess risk and find ways to mitigate that risk.


Case Study:

Our client was looking to deploy its big data analytics system to foreign militaries on an expedited timetable.  We quickly developed a comprehensive understanding of the data architectures which we mapped and pictorialized then proceeded to file all the necessary paperwork to obtain registrations and seek a Technical Assistance Agreement.

Our holistic approach and understanding of the underlying technology helped this process to be brought to fruition in minimal time to provide rapid response to customer needs.