Salt of the Earth

Sometimes in our lives we’re lucky enough to get to know people that transcend the norm and truly show themselves to be great. The world lost one of these great people this week. His name was Ray Reider and he epitomized the phrase salt of the earth. A father, a coach, a teacher, a mentor and so much more, Ray lived life grateful for every day he had and it showed.

I was fortunate enough to get know Ray back at Dickinson College through his son Steve, a dear friend of mine. I would sit with Ray and watch some of the purest football you can watch – Division III. I learned more about football and life sitting with him or even just chatting between halves when he would work the sidelines some games than I can express.

Respect, honor and tradition were all things Ray spoke about without ever pushing an agenda; it was just who he was and how he was that made you want to listen. He caused you to look inward to find simplicity in things that seemed so much more complex without his perspective.

I hope you are all lucky enough to meet a Ray Reider in your life even for a fleeting moment. I’ll cherish my moments with him as I know everyone he touched will.

Photo courtesy of Dickinson College Football