Serenity Now! Make Work Trips Work for You!

I read a blog post a couple years ago with the central premise that simply said – if you’re on travel for work, make the best of it.  I took a hard look at myself and my travel schedule that has me all over the continental United States and realized I’ve been to so many cities and places and missed out on so much.

I had traveled to Butte, Montana multiple times – multiple plane rides, car rides across the Continental Divide and not once had I had stopped to see Trophy Rock on the way across the Homestake Pass up the Continental Divide: .  It even has a turn off/look-out point built to see it and I never stopped to see it because I was so focused on my business schedule.

I vowed to stop this madness and see the world around me.  It was one of the single greatest decisions I’ve ever made.  To name a few things I’ve accomplished in the past two years I’ve:

  • Spelunkered in Lewis and Clark Caverns twice
  • Hiked to Lake Agnes in Montana and had to cross a beaver dam to get there
  • Hiked the East Ridge above Butte, Montana in rain and light snow
  • Stood in the Texas School Book Depository window envisioning the assassination of JFK
  • Seen the Grand Canyon at sunset
  • Driven the desert from Arizona to Los Angeles along Route 66
  • Danced at Chateau Marmont late night on the Sunset Strip
  • Boated to the Mountain at the Gates in Montana
  • Hiked multiple vantage points on northern Lake Tahoe (see pic above)

Hike a couple miles and breathe some mountain air; it’s clear, it’s cool and it’s crisp.  It’s not like anything back on the East coast.  Find serenity and peace sitting in virtual solitude and silence except the people you’re experiencing such amazing sights with.

I know what you’re thinking; great for you Marc, you’ve seen some cool stuff, what about me?

All I can say is that for me it’s been life changing.  Work trips which I dreaded have become welcome respites of peace and serenity.  I know from the minute I leave my house that there is something amazing to see where I’m traveling and that I’ve planned ahead to be sure I can do it.

So, next time you’re scheduling a trip, look for something to do in the vicinity and take some time for yourself.  You deserve it and you will be thankful for it.